Portable and Terry G unite for new single ‘Ogbafia’

The collaboration marks a harmonious fusion of their energetic styles, resulting in a musical piece that promises to set the airwaves ablaze.

A noteworthy context to this collaboration lies in the recent comparisons that have surfaced between the two artists. Both Portable and Terry G are known for their exuberant energy and magnetic presence. Terry G, a veritable veteran who left an indelible mark on the 2000s music scene, is known for his infectious and high-voltage energy. In contrast, Portable, though relatively new to the music scene, has swiftly carved a niche for himself with his own vibrant energy that resonates remarkably with modern audiences. Ogafia serves as a living testament to the bridge between these two artists, as their energies converge in a synergy that defies time and genre.

Behind the sonic magic of Ogbafia is the skilled producer Omega, whose artistry enhances the track’s dynamic tempo and vivacious rhythm. The tempo, set at a brisk pace, propels the song forward with undeniable urgency, inviting listeners to immerse themselves fully in the sonic tapestry. Both Portable and Terry G seize the moment to infuse their unique vocal expressions, inflections, and qualities into the fabric of the song, thus adding layers of depth and personality that are a true reflection of their individual musical identities.

Listen to Ogbafia here.


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