Alefa Amos and Deejay Bino with amapiano tune ‘My Tombos’

My Tombos is a collaboration between renowned vocalist Alefa Amos and award-winning producer Deejay Bino from Botswana. This dynamic duo has come together to create a captivating song that celebrates the power of passion and the courage to pursue one’s dreams.

Featuring Alefa Amos’ enchanting vocals and Deejay Bino’s superb production, My Tombos promises an unforgettable musical experience with a powerful message about following one’s dreams, no matter the odds.

According to the duo: “It is the kind of music the world needs, uplifting and empowering hearts with its message of hope and determination.” So, put on your Tombo shoes and get ready to dance along to this bouncy track that celebrates the human spirit and the pursuit of dreams.

Listen to My Tombos here.


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