Luis Diaz speaks out for the first time about his father’s kidnapping

Liverpool and Colombia forward Luis Diaz, for the first time, has spoken on the kidnapping of his parents and his father still being held hostage by ELN in Colombia.

Luis Diaz, who played his first match for Liverpool as a substitute against Luton Town, scored the equaliser and ended up securing the equalizer for the Reds, spoke after the match for the first time since the news of his parents being kidnapped broke in the media.

He asked that his father, who is still being held hostage by the forces, be identified as the ELN. He also called on international organisations to help in securing the release of his father. The statement read, “Here’s not the player speaking. Today’s Lucho Díaz, the son of Luís Manuel Díaz. Mane, my dad, hard working man, family pillar… he’s now kidnapped. I ask ELN to release my father as soon as possible. I also ask the international associations to work on that in order to guarantee his freedom. Every second, every minute we’re more worried. We’ve no words to describe our family’s terrible feelings, and it will be the same as long as he’s not back at home. I beg you to release my father right now, respecting his integrity”. “I want to thank to all Colombians and also the international community for your support”.



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