DJ Vyrusky – Broken Heart ft. Kuami Eugene

Award-winning Ghanaian DJ DJ Vyrusky joined forces with labelmate and frequent collaborator Kuami Eugene to deliver a brand-new song called “Broken Heart.” The song, which was already generating hype before its release, is making ripples on social media, particularly on TikTok, where a clip triggered a challenge with over 100,000 views.“Broken Heart” explores the range of complicated feelings that surround heartbreak. The song presents a clear image of a person who seems emotionally distant and carefree about losing a lover, even after going through the traumatic experience of a breakup. This theme speaks to a wide range of people and illustrates the complexity of human emotions.

This collaboration between DJ Vyrusky and Kuami Eugene is no surprise, as the duo has consistently delivered chart-topping hits in the past.

Listen to their latest collaboration below.


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