TsaQa – Accra Fan Fooler + Onaapo + One Man Thousand

Have you ever been fanfooled? Hitzmuzic drops this Christmas banger by TsaQa “Accra Fan Fooler” to close the year with a bang. It’s also the record label’s way of telling us that 2023 is filled with good tunes back to back.

Hitzmuzic’s maiden single “Onaapo” by TsaQa tells the story of how a struggling gentleman was left in the lurch by the love of his life who later wanted to revive the relationship after he has become a successful businessman. It was produced by Methmix. Video is scheduled to be released in January 2023.

This captivating single by Hitzmuzic’s TsaQa, “One Man Thousand” is a motivational street anthem for the youth about the importance of hardwork and mutiple streams of income. This current fan favorite was produced by Methmix, enjoy!



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