Shatta Wale – Shoe Shu Lin

Ghanaian dancehall star Shatta Wale is never one to back down from confrontation, and his new song “Shoe Shu Lin” sees him going directly at fellow artist Ola Michael.

In the explicit new track, Shatta directly calls out Ola for wearing shoes on television that many felt were unpresentable. He raps lines like “Your shoe dey smell, my friend I beg take am go washem” and “How you go wear am for TV, people dey vex for studio.”

It’s unclear exactly what incident set Shatta off to record this diss track, but there seems to be some brewing beef between these two Ghana hip hop heavyweights. Ola Michael is yet to respond directly to the song, but fans are eagerly waiting to see if he fires back with a diss of his own.

You can listen to “Shoe Shu Lin” below to get a taste of Shatta Wale’s grievances with Ola. Let me know your thoughts on the track and if you think this brewing conflict between the artists will escalate further. The Ghana hip hop scene is always entertaining withfeuds like this one unfolding.

Leave your comments below on what you think of Shatta’s diss and how Ola might choose to respond, if at all. Also share if you’re a fan of one artist over the other or just enjoy the drama of clashes like this within the culture.


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