Rema Clears Air on ‘stealing’.


Popular singer, Divine Ikubor, aka Rema, has cleared the air on his controversial lyrics on his hit song ‘Holiday’.

Recall that the singer was accused of glorifying crime after he boasted about stealing one of his friend’s laptop during his struggling days in Benin in his song ‘Holiday’.

But in a recent interview with Cool FM Lagos, Rema said it wasn’t his intention to glorify stealing, adding that it was very unfortunate some people saw it so.

He said,

“The lyric was good enough to explain the whole scenario. It’s not that deep. I really don’t want to glorify stealing, but it was just very unfortunate [that happened at that time].”

Rema also clarified the misconceptions about his album ‘Rave & Roses’ cover art which depicts a house upside-down burning.

He said,

“A lot of people had a lot of misconceptions [about the album cover], they said it’s a church. Anything they just see cross, they say it’s a church. It’s not a church. The cover art inspiration was an embodiment of me consist of a cross and a fire. The whole house actually kind of signifies me.”


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