Gambo – Nobody ft. Lade

Having secured the #1 spot on Germany’s Weekly 100 chart with his previous hit
‘Cut Soap’ (featuring Goya Menor), which has since amassed over a million
streams on Audiomack, Gambo continues to go strong. He returns with a more
vibrant single that features another renowned Nigerian singer, ‘Adulthood
Anthem’ hitmaker, Ladé. And again, the writing is on the wall: Gambo has
another hit on his hands.
‘Nobody’ is the new hit from the charismatic Ghanaian star to extend his long run
of simple yet captivating themes. This time, the song serves as a reminder of
how quickly people around you can switch when you go from rags to riches or
vice versa. Unlike Gambo’s other songs, ‘Nobody’ hits high emotional notes with
its infectious hook: “They no dey wan dey show love, until they see you hold
block/As soon as you dey go up, they wan dey dey ‘wassup?’”
Ladé’s beautiful vocals and flair accompany the Ghanaian star’s pomp as she
delivers deep lines: “Nobody wan dey with a nobody who no want become
somebody/And when you show what you clear, dem go near you/If you
start to dey fade dem go clear you.” Speaking of the track, Gambo shared:
“As someone in a position where most people around me only want what I
have, ‘Nobody’ came from a personal place. It hits home for me and I hope
it inspires the same in anyone who listens. Open your eyes.”Gambo is no stranger to success. He has been a menace on the airwaves for
years, and ‘Nobody’ will not change the narrative but better it. The energy he and
Ladé bring is one worth coming back to even after many hours of spamming it.
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